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  • 3 Days to Go with IndieGoGo!

    Dear Friends,

    We're rounding that corner! Just 3 more days to go with our IndieGoGo campaign. Check it out! We're excited and thankful for all your contributions so far, and looking forward to giving it a final push. Push Push Push!

    We're just back from our recent trip to Florida and Georgia, where we filmed  Trong's parents and three of his siblings. We got some strong footage that will provide us with plenty of material to sort through in the coming weeks, in preparation for our next travel leg in the fall.

    Check out a tiny clip from some of our footage above!

    In Florida, we interviewed Trong's brother John and their parents De and Sang. In Daytona Beach, we sat down with their sister Mary Nguyen Sittnick and then in Norcross, Georgia we caught up with Ann Nguyen – who Trong hadn't seen in over ten years! There was some great home cooking along the way, evidenced by this  picture of a bowl of pho. Damn that's good.

    Trong's parents, who have never been back to Vietnam since leaving, are seriously considering making the long trip to visit in February 2015, overlapping with Trong's exhibition. After a touching, thoughtful interview with them together and separate, the memories inevitably come flooding back. Theirs is a life of survival, perseverance, and triumph, having lived through multiple conflicts and fleeing their homes twice, first in 1954 when the communists took over the north. Originally from north Vietnam, they fled to the south to escape persecution, as they were part of the minority catholics. Needless to say, it would be amazing to go with them!!!

    Lest we forget, a big hug and heartfelt gratitude to all of you!

    xo Team DONG